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Welcome To Cleburne County Middle School
The Cleburne County School System's Mission is to empower and equip all graduates for global success.

We will focus on our vision:
One Community, One Vision: Excellence
This year Cleburne County Schools will be implementing the five keys to excellence. These keys have been a part of our focus for the last two and one half years. The Keys to Excellence are:

Teach every student the content standards.
Monitor and assess for mastery of the content standards.
Provide intervention, remediation, enrichment, and learning supports depending on each student’s needs.
Create and maintain a positive learning environment.
Build positive relationships with students, parents, and colleagues county -wide.

CCMS Vision Statement:
The vision of Cleburne County Middle School is to provide a safe environment for all students to learn. Cleburne County Middle School will provide a curriculum that will enable students to attain the highest level of academic achievement and character development necessary for effective participation in society. Cleburne County Middle School will also ensure that students have developed the technology skills needed for an ever-changing world.

CCMS Goal:
Students will achieve proficiency in all areas of the core curriculum as specified in the Alabama State Course of Study and the Cleburne County Middle School Improvement Plan.
    In order for learning to take place, assigned work is not optional. In an effort to help ALL STUDENTS reach their full potential, CCMS has implemented the ICU program. Just like the name implies, if a student's grades are in need of attention, we place them on the Intensive Care Unit or ICU List. Parents receive an email or text to let them know their student is missing or has failed an assignment. The students work with the faculty and staff to make up or complete the missed assignment, all the while LEARNING THE CONTENT and meeting his or her responsibility to LEARN. Upon completion, students are removed from the list and the parents receive an additional alert letting them know that the student has successfully completed the assignment.
    Make sure you keep the school updated on any changes to your contact information throughout the year.

    ICU by the Numbers

    CCMS students completed 2,392 assignments through the ICU Program.
    These are assignments that otherwise would be Zeroes or a FAILING grade.
    The OVERALL completion rate for ALL assignments was 99.7%.
  • ICU Parent Survey
    Please click HERE to give us YOUR FEEDBACK on our "Power of ICU" Program. Your feedback matters.
Heflin, AL